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a complex, holistic,

PRimary business solution

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to underpin the entire operations of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board.

Project Snapshot

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

Perth, Australia

Health & Social Care

Project Challenges

Legacy systems reaching end-of-life containing all the data required to run the MCB cemeteries.

The Solution

Cloud based, Dynamics 365 CRM offered direct integration with Office 365, and an automatically upgrading system which is easily customisable out of the box.


Duplication of effort has been minimised along with the introduction of automation.

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Legacy systems needed replacing

The MCB had a range of systems that were reaching end-of-life and needed to be replaced. These systems helped the MCB manage all of the data required to run its cemeteries, including information about plots and memorials. Because the existing system needed to be replaced, the MCB was keen to ensure a new, modern system would include the capability to manage every aspect of the business besides the core finance functions.

Peter Deague, chief executive office, MCB, said, “The MCB needed a system that was easy to use and would support the MCB’s customer service team. It was important to have one that didn’t involve reliance on a third-party to keep it operating.

The team didn’t want an expensive and hard-to-maintain bespoke solution.”

With limited funding, it’s important for the MCB to be innovative and to deliver services cost-effectively. The ability to providing self-service to improve the customer experience and streamline operations was a key requirement for the solution.

Additionally, due to the nature of the business, dealing with upset, emotional and bereaved people, it was important that the system be reliable and available.

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“The professionalism of Empired was evident in the way the team worked with MCB in a solutions-focused way and moved the project forward. Once the system was implemented, all the business-critical processes worked and there were no issues.”

— Joe Fortuna, Director of Finance, Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

Transparency and control delivered savings

The MCB’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution provides a single source of truth for the MCB. In the past, paperwork would arrive and be
manually placed into a file or record management system. Now, all documentation will be managed electronically, with all data stored in one location, which will provide efficiencies into the future.

Harry Gill, chief information officer, MCB, said, “The solution has delivered significant improvements in transparency and information available from client services to planning and governance. A lot more
meaningful information is now within reach and decision-making doesn’t require a lengthy search for relevant data. Team members can see what others are doing and decisions can be made faster and more effectively.”

Working with Empired helped the MCB ensure a successful transition from its previous CRM system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Joe Fortuna, director finance, MCB, said, “The professionalism of Empired was evident in the way the teams worked with MCB in a solutions-focused way and moved the project forward. Once the
system was implemented, all the business-critical processes worked and there were no issues.”

Staff members who were used to working with a 20-year-old system were pleasantly surprised at the functionality of the new system and sees the value in it as a future-proofing measure for the business.
Duplication of effort has been minimised and automation has been applied wherever possible, saving staff even more time. The MCB estimates it has saved up to $20,000 per year just in document scanning alone.

The MCB is now working on a portal that lets funeral directors and monumental masons access the system to arrange funerals and manage their dealings with the MCB. This is a gamechanger for an
industry in which many funeral directors work 24/7. With strong security and correct data collection, auditing will be easier and communication with customers will be automated. The potential
efficiency gains are anticipated to be enormous.

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