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QSuper wanted to streamline its culture awards process and chose Empired to provide PowerApps in a tailored solution.

Project Snapshot


Queensland, Australia

Financial Services & Insurance

Project Challenges

Ineffective and time-consuming manual process resulting in low award entries. Heavy admin burden involved to manage and share information.

The Solution

Online nomination form developed and solution built for informal nominations, automated emails and notifications set-up.


Increased return on investment (ROI) in existing technology, increased number of awards nominations, and reduced time to manage the awards process.

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Strong internal culture supported by awards

QSuper has an incredibly strong internal culture with four key values that are highly visible for its people (united, spirited, courageous, and accomplished). Each quarter, QSuper focuses on and internally promotes a different value. The values are ingrained and resonate strongly across the organisation.

QSuper formally recognises employees for demonstrating behaviours that support the values. This includes the quarterly Heartbeat Awards, which aim to recognise both individuals and teams within the business for their outstanding efforts to embody QSuper’s values.

Kat McTaggart, internal communications advisor, QSuper, said, 

“These awards and recognition tools are essential to maintaining QSuper’s strong culture, so it was important to find a way to streamline the process. The PowerApps solution delivered by Empired leveraged technology that was already in place and helped improve the user experience through efficiencies.”

— Kat McTaggart, Internal Communication Advisor, QSuper

Streamlined processes and remote access

The PowerApps-based nomination forms for the quarterly value awards and informal recognition have made it easier for team members to nominate their colleagues and for the internal communications team to manage the awards.

Kat McTaggart said, “The automated forms are easier to manage and take less time to submit and review. The team can also grab information from these forms and use it in other ways, such as sharing it with other stakeholders and on the business-wide intranet so our people can read more about why their colleagues were nominated. To do this without the solution delivered by Empired would require the team to manually type out that information again, which was inefficient.

“Since implementing the Empired solution, nominations for the Heartbeat Awards have increased to around 20 to 30 nominations per award. We believe this is partly due to the organisation’s sustained focus on culture and values, and partly due to the streamlined nomination process.”

The Empired solution means every step of the nomination process is managed automatically in the underlying workflow. Submissions are automatically sent to the approver who can sign it off digitally, removing the need to print the form. The workflow alerts the internal communications team when the nomination
is complete.

Kat McTaggart said, “The team no longer has to chase people to approve things, as notifications are automatically triggered in the workflow. Meanwhile, the team is no longer receiving late nominations because the system prevents people from submitting nominations outside of the submission window. This was an unexpected benefit; however, it’s helped a lot.

“The new process is so easy for users. And, with more people working from home due to COVID-19, being able to do everything remotely and online meant there was no disruption to the awards process. This would have been impossible using the old system.”

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