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Helping you thrive in an
ever-changing financial services sector

Creating a holistic connected experience

The Financial Services Industry (FSI) is transforming. Demand for digital banking services has soared, and customers now expect real-time functionality and personalised customer service via any device, around the clock. In fact, 80% of Australians now say they prefer to bank online. Competition is higher than ever due to new ‘Open Banking’ regulations. Additionally cyber-security threats are also on the rise, as are compliance, reporting and regulatory requirements. Not to mention the financial sector, like so many others, has been challenged by the need to keep costs low, and maintain the productivity and performance of its employees in the face of new, hybrid ways of working. Thriving in this ever-changing sector requires having an expert technology partner you can trust to provide guidance in key areas.
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Innovating for the Customer in a Disruptive World

How can organisations in the financial sector adapt to growing customer demands, regulations, and stay focused on the future? This is one of many talking points in our FSI Leadership Panel Discussion, ‘Innovating for the Customer in a Disruptive World’ in conjunction with Microsoft.

Knowledgeable industry leaders such as Rebecca Engel, Ryan Engellenner, our very own Craig Lennard and Phil Bickerton as moderator discuss the present challenges to the Financial Sector, how major disruptors are changing the game and how organisations can adapt to future disruptors with dexterity.

Security, compliance and risk

As a financial services organisation, you hold enormous amounts of highly confidential and valuable data, placing you at considerable risk of cyber-attack. Attacks on financial services organisations increased by 238% in the first six months of the pandemic alone and have been exacerbated by the shift to hybrid working. Regulatory controls, compliance requirements and threats are ever evolving, and a data breach has the potential to bring dire reputational and financial consequences.
Trusted services can be implemented to help minimise your cybersecurity risk and meet growing compliance requirements. Such as a review and strategic guidance on information policy, governance, security, data management and cyber resilience. Other services include helping you get the insights you need via Microsoft-based reporting, alongside other market leading products, compliance dashboards, leveraging predictive analysis, as well as process automation to help you more effectively detect, monitor, and protect against threats.

Efficient, productive operations

For organisations the world over, the last few years have posed significant challenges for maintaining efficiency and productivity – especially with so many employees working remotely or in a hybrid context. Over half (52%) of workers say they want flexible working to continue post pandemic. Having a solution such as a robust cloud-based infrastructure is becoming increasingly essential in facilitating this flexibility.
Many market leading solutions can help you unlock new levels of efficiency and insight. Innovative and trusted services that can help you get on top of your data storage needs such as cloud services strategy, migration, and management assistance. Solutions that can help also extend to platform optimisation, hosting and specialisation, together with legacy application migration and support.


want flexible working to continue


QSuper wanted to streamline its culture awards process and chose us to provide PowerApps in a tailored solution.

Empired is your partner for success

We are much more than just a tech provider. Empired is also an agile consultancy with extensive financial services expertise that can help you meet external and internal business challenges. Services such as our Continuous Service Evolution model brings holistic value across the whole lifecycle of your analytics, investments and technology platforms and can ensure your business is supported every step of the way. We pride ourselves on bringing connected experiences across every channel and providing workable solutions for a more efficient future.
Empired is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has the largest group of Microsoft Experts in Australasia as well as extensive experience in many leading digital solutions.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level contact us here.
Empired is your partner for success

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