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Modern Healthcare Digital Foundations

The world has turned their focus to the Healthcare industry

Healthcare has had a crucial supporting role to play in recent world events. During this intense period efficiency demands are ever increasing, leading to many providers being overwhelmed, and on top of this introducing remote enabled systems are no longer optional but a necessity.

The reality is many health organisations survive on outdated legacy systems and are battling technical debt in terms of outdated and cumbersome applications and other issues such as unsecure data storage, leaving your organisation at risk. With the rise of cyberattacks on the healthcare sector it’s no surprise security has become a top priority.

To deliver relevant, timely care to patients, a modernised network that is agile and reliable is crucial for success. With the health sector under intense expectations and demand higher than ever, ensuring your team has the best-connected systems at their fingertips goes a long way to delivering the best care possible. There has never been a better time to build a case for modernising your technology foundations, leading to greater cost efficiencies and doing more with less.


increase in cyber-attacks on the health sector in 2020i

Building Digital Foundations

We offer comprehensive services such as speedy implementation of modern work solutions, app modernisation, cloud optimised business, support and service operations focusing strongly on privacy and security, increasing health worker engagement and productivity. We have extensive experience in executing systems that comply with current government health regulations in your area.


of people are likely to have virtual visits, post COVID-19ii

Craig Lennard,
Executive General Manager

Recently we sat down with Empired’s Executive General Manager, Craig Lennard, to talk about his extensive experience in digital transformations in many organisations through the years.

Jo Healey,
Executive General Manager

The NZ health sector has been under intense public focus particularly for the last two years and will be for some time to come. We recently sat down with Intergen’s Executive GM Customer Success, Jo Healey, to chat about her thoughts on the future of ICT in healthcare and specifically what digital foundations healthcare providers need to meet health challenges head on.

How we can help you

We prove our extensive experience in our customer stories. We have designed our solutions to improve productivity, aid communication and with a fast and streamlined implementation process to ensure you are running at your best quickly and seamlessly.
We are proud of the solutions and support we provide on an ongoing basis to our valued clients.

Talk to Empired about your technology

Our team provides innovative and effective solutions to keep your healthcare organisation operating at peak efficacy, leaving your team to focus on what matters, delivering patient care. We know the pressures that are involved day to day and provide solutions that support your organisation in every step of the way.


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