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Ensure the IT decisions you make today will meet the needs of your organisation in the future.

Enterprise architecture

Remodel your enterprise from a business and technology perspective.

Today’s technology landscape is complex and ever-changing. Are you doing the right things, in the right way? Does your technology enable you to adapt, evolve and thrive?

Enterprise architecture is primarily a planning tool used to interpret and solve business problems, where solutions are often, but not always, enabled by technology. When successfully deployed, enterprise architectures are able to show a clear line of sight from technology investments to the business outcomes they are supporting.

In today’s fast-changing market, the role of enterprise architecture is more important than ever in preventing

organisations from creating barriers to future change or incurring expensive technical debt.

Mergers and acquisitions, changing business operations, procuring and retiring solutions, application portfolio assessments or realigned business models all require careful planning and an understanding of your current environment and what your end-game looks like.

Enterprise architecture provides the techniques to understand how your organisation operates today and how you want it to operate in the future.

How we bring it to life

How we bring it to life

Embrace a modern approach to enterprise architecture, formulated to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. Customer experience (CX) is now a dominant driver of strategy. Equally, the importance of capturing, managing, analysing and exposing data grows each year. Speed to value is also increasingly important.

Organisations can no longer afford to spend months analysing and planning the way forward – your enterprise architecture needs to support a continuous planning and evolution paradigm.

We'll work with you to holistically consider your business processes, data, applications and technology platforms, taking a business outcome and CX-driven approach to your enterprise architecture design – all adapted to your specific needs and desired business outcomes. Our agile, iterative approaches deliver faster time to value, giving you the right level of detail just in time for when it needs to be consumed.

Enterprise architecture services

Enterprise architecture services

Create a clear line of sight between your technology investments and business outcomes.

As a planning tool, enterprise architecture enables you to examine and model your enterprise from a business and technology perspective. It looks broadly across your business applications and data, providing enterprise capabilities to support strategy and programme design and, ultimately, to scope and govern your solution architecture.

Access our modern enterprise architecture approaches through our architecture-as-a-service model, providing you with a range of flexible commercial models and the skills you need.

Assess your application portfolio

Assess your application portfolio

Is the complexity of your IT environment constraining your business? Do you need to reduce operating costs or adapt to changing customer expectations to survive and grow?

Our Applications Portfolio Assessment looks at your applications in the context of both the technology itself and the criticality of the application to your business operations.

We provide an assessment of your individual applications and of your overall application portfolio. This will give you a better understanding of the value of the application services you use today and a clear picture of which applications can be safely retired, which should be replaced and which need investment to drive your business forward.

Analyse your current state

Analyse your current state

Your organisation operates as a complex ecosystem, incorporating people, processes, assets, and technology – and this complexity increases over time.

Before making any significant changes to your organisation's operating model or technology, you need a good understanding of your current state to avoid creating unintended consequences.

Just as a surgeon uses x-rays and MRI scans before commencing an operation, our current state modelling services provide a structured analysis of your current business and planned changes, ensuring that all factors have been considered.

Cloud readiness assessment

Cloud readiness assessment

There are many reasons to migrate applications to cloud-based platforms – from reducing costs, to improving scalability and agility. However, it's not a ‘one size fits all’ model.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment looks at your applications to understand their business impact and interconnectedness to other applications. Our experts then provide recommendations on which applications should be migrated, in which sequence, using which technique – re-host, refactor or rearchitect.

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