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Equipping your resources organisation for what lies ahead

Unlocking greater sustainability, accountability and profitability for resources organisations.

Resources remains the single largest contributor to our economyi, and provides the raw materials for economic growth across the globe. However, the sector is now entering an era of significant change.

Organisations in the sector are under increasing pressure from consumers, governments and other authorities to demonstrate adherence to a growing list of environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) requirements. Escalating demand for rare earth materials is shifting the focus of the sector as a whole, and we’re seeing the emergence of a raft of new, agile players in the market.

Despite decades of growth – or perhaps because of it – many mining organisations are still lagging with their overall digital transformation. Evidence suggests the mining sector, in particular, is roughly 30% - 40% less digitally mature than comparable industriesii.

Thriving over the next few years – and beyond - requires an expert technology partner you can trust to provide the strategies and implementation to turn these challenges into opportunities.


Increasing ESG requirements

The need for the resources and mining sector to reduce its carbon emissions and operate more sustainably is widely acknowledged. Almost half of the sector’s leaders say ESG concerns represent the biggest risk to the industryvi.

While many mining and resources organisations are taking steps in the right direction, the lack of robust digital measurement and reporting tools remains a handbrake. To retain a competitive advantage – and a social licence to operate - organisations will need to be able to automatically and proactively measure outputs, set targets, optimise processes, and proactively lower emissions. We can show you how digital solutions can help organisations lower their emissions by up to 30%vii.

Shifting demand for rare earth materials

The world’s reliance on critical minerals and materials – such as copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt and other rare earth elements, is increasing exponentially. Uptake of green technologies and battery storage means demand for rare earth materials has doubled to 125,000 tonnes in 15 years and is predicted to reach 315,000 tonnes in 2030viii.

This is shifting the focus of the resources sector as a whole – and especially here in Australia. Rare earth materials come with a raft of environmental challenges, necessitating optimised processes, automated measurement and digital controls while maintaining sustainable operations. We’re also seeing the emergence of smaller, more agile mining organisations with niche areas of focus, which threaten to take market share from more established players. Talk to us about supporting your expansion into these new areas of opportunity.

Efficiencies from digital process optimisation

Despite considerable progress in recent years, the mining and resources sector is generally lagging in its digital transformation. Many mines, resources facilities, and minerals processing plants lack visibility and real-time access to operational data, several still using paper as part of their core processes. Without the right information and insights, it becomes difficult for operators to spot inefficiencies - and easy for problems to escalate. Discover how we can help you accelerate digital transformation to improve mine profitability and longevity while maintaining your safe operations.

Empired: proven, local, skilled

The team at Empired has been providing technology strategy, implementation and management services to the mining and resources sector in Australia for decades. Now, as part of Capgemini, we have the global reach, resources and specialised expertise to help your mining organisation achieve even more.

Empired has also the largest team of Microsoft experts in 

Australasia and are an award-winning Microsoft partner. Part of our offering is providing solutions using a holistic Microsoft lens: we bring connected experiences across every channel, providing workable solutions for a more efficient, profitable and sustainable future.

Ready to get started? Get in touch.


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